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We often say, "We don't teach video game development - we teach math, science, technology, critical thinking, problem solving and more, all through video game development." This applies to all the courses that we teach, from Robotics to 3D Modeling and Animation to Fashion Design and more.

In GBA programs, students learn much more than the course material itself. We very carefully design our programs to build academic skills, self-esteem, communication skills, team work and cooperation, focus and concentration skills, and so much more. And always presented in very fun, exciting, and engaging ways.

We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, to ensure that all children progress well and get the most out of the programs. Classes are hands-on, with students applying new skills immediately, and building on skills already gained.

Students and teachers also engage in lively and exciting discussions based on the material being covered and the projects being worked on. Students build new skills in many areas in addition to gaining confidence and the ability to express ideas clearly and communicate effectively.

By combining fun and highly engaging course material with connections to things kids are studying in school, along with building self-esteem, communication skills, problem solving and so much more, GBA classes offer many tremendous benefits to students.

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